Plugin Manager has been launched for official and third-party plugins. Requires upgrading to Rack v0.5.1.




A foundation of simple modules vital for any modular system, designed in collaboration with Grayscale


An 8-channel mixer with 3 send/return buses, built-in VCAs, constant-power panning, anti-pop switches, and soft output saturation.

Pulse Matrix

Two powerful trigger sequencers for sequencing drums, voices, or arrangement events. Has four playback modes, the ability to independently clock, reset, and randomize channels, and row/column shift through triggers and CV.


Audible Instruments

A diverse set of physical modeling sources, organic processors, wavetable oscillators, waveshapers, granular synthesizers, and utility modules based on Mutable Instruments


Includes models of Befaco analog modules, available as open-hardware DIY kits or pre-assembled in their Barcelona workshop


Ports of modules by Grayscale, including an 8-step trigger sequencer and 1-bit analog computers for generating and processing gates/triggers using binary logic and randomization


Based on Synthesis Technology's E340 Cloud Generator, a VCO combining up to 8 saw and sine oscillators detunable with a spread parameter and filtered noise